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Disaster Recovery

Timber is a natural product, it is what makes it so unique and beautiful. However a consequence of this is that over time it may be prone to slight movement.

For example small cracks may appear but these are nothing to worry about. They can be easily filled using hard wax fillers, we would recommend Konig hand wax. Hard wax is available in many shades to suit different wooden worktops.

The wax can be applied directly to the affected area by gently rubbing against the grain of the wood. You can also melt different shades of wax together to match the colour tone required, before applying.

After this, gently rub the filled area back using either wire wool or sandpaper, or a combination of both, whichever suits best, and then re-oil the affected area.

Wax can also be used for dinks or chips within a worktop as well.

If a timber worktop becomes scratched or marked then the top can be sanded down. This removes all the scratches, and with a re-oiled this will make the top appear as good as new. This method can also be used to brighten worktops if they have become a little dull after a couple of years.