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How to Maintain an Oak Worktop

The most important thing with oak worktops is that they are oiled thoroughly. This means that they start off with good protection and then maintenance coats of oil regularly afterwards.

Once timber is oiled correctly it is water resistant, therefore water should bead on the top. You can often tell when a worktop needs to be re-oiled as the beading will reduce.

Like many things the more time you spent maintaining your worktops the more durable they will be.

Oiling doesn’t have to inconvenient, the best time to re-oil your worktops is at night so they can dry over night ready to be used in the morning. It also doesn’t take long as like with wiping down a surface with a damp cloth you do the same but with an oily cloth.

Cleaning timber worktops is very simple and easy, nothing more is required than a well wrung cloth in warm water with a little bit of detergent, this simple mix will achieve fantastic results. Try not to use anything to abrasive or with bleach in as this may affect the oil protecting the timber and the colour of the timber.

Unlike any other material, timber worktops change over time. Rather than becoming dull and worn they actually become more mature and richer in colour. They are a lifelong product which will only improve with time.

Timber worktops are unique in that you can do your own DIY repairs. If the surface becomes scratched then it can just be sanded away and will look brand new. Likewise with chips or cracks, wax can be melted to the correct colour which does an amazing job at hiding the defect.

Timber worktops create a natural beauty within the kitchen and can be tailored to suit traditional or modern kitchens; they have their own character and warmth which is hard to create with a worktop made from another material other than timber.