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How to Properly Install an Oak Worktop

Many horror stories occur when worktops are not installed correctly as this may cause bowing. To ensure this is avoided it is best to follow the simple steps below.

The method for installing Oak worktops differs depending on how the timber has been finished. We recommend that you oil them immediately after delivery, they are unlike flooring and do not need to be left to acclimatize. If you do have to store worktops they should be laid flat and in a warm and dry environment.

If the worktops have been pre-oiled then this means they have the best start possible. Upon delivery it means they can be installed straight away. The only oiling required is just a couple of coats of finishing oil.

For un oiled worktops the process is slightly different. We would recommend the worktops need at least 6 coats of oil on BOTH sides prior to installation. It is very important to keep the oil even on both sides. The boards should be flipped between coats on the top and bottom in order to reduce problem such a bowing. After 6 coats of oiling the tops can then be installed and as with the pre-oiled board they will then need finishing coats once in situ.

If you are doing any cut outs on sites the edges will need to be re-oiled. Also cut outs on site need be done with a very sharp tool as oak is very hard.

In regards to fixing the worktops they need to be securely fixed to the units or other structure they are going on. Usually this is done by screwing from the underneath to the kitchen carcases. Alternatively you can use slotted expansion brackets which allow the timber to move slightly. These are available from most DIY hardware stores.